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Caicos Tea Company started with one woman’s passion for teas and her belief in their medicinal benefits. Grandmother Susan B. Gardiner has always said that nature provides everything we need and drinking tea is one such way to enjoy and reap the benefits of nature. For generations, the ancestors of the Turks and Caicos Islands have used teas as an opportunity to bring family and friends together and as a cure for numerous ailments.


Caicos Tea Company is located on the pristine island of North Caicos, the second largest island in Turks and Caicos. Remotely located, North Caicos is accessible only by boat or small plane. The island has a small population of inhabitants and remains one of nature’s undisturbed treasures, where people and nature reside in harmony.


Caicos Tea Company’s goal is to promote healthy living through the benefits of natural herbal teas. Our products are distributed and sold directly to wholesalers and retailers, including independent specialty and grocery stores. The ingredients for our teas are handpicked in the remote, unspoiled destination of North Caicos – where we follow the mantra “Organic living from an island paradise.”

Featured Interview with CNN Travel

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