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Local Tea Company gets endorsement from Grace Bay Resort

Grace Bay Resorts is the first company to throw grand endorsement behind the newly formed Caicos Tea Company which is a labor of love says owner and tea maker, Donna Gardiner. “A really really awesome day for me, i’m super excited that Caicos Teas will now be available at Grace Bay Club. The company we have six flavors of teas, Grace Bay Club has today on offer, four flavors. Our six flavors are Soursop, Fevergrass, our Soursop and Fevergrass blend, we do a Maranga Mint, we do Mint and the ever popular Caicos Sunshine blend, which is a blend of citrus, fevergrass and mint. It’s everyone’s favorite, it’s kind of a nostalgic for Turks and Caicos.”

The Bottle Creek, North Caicos company is actually taking local leaves and making flavorful island teas and already there are six flavors which have been boxed; as many as 10,000 boxes since the company started early this year.

David Bowen, who is the Wellness and Culture Director at Grace Bay Club said now the four teas including Moranga and Fever Grass are a part of tea time at GBC. “Often our guest come to the hotel, and they spend their days swimming and eating and dining. And a lot of times they go back home tired from their vacation. So part of what I do beyond yoga and meditation I also want to bring the tea in to give them that boost so when they get back home, they feel good about their vacation. And we also want to educate our guest about our culture and our heritage through our bush teas.”

Trina Smith of the Invest Turks and Caicos Agency was on hand to lend support, congratulating Gardiner on her inattentiveness. You can find the teas at stores in the Grace Bay area; soon to come is a tea tour, which will prove to be a delicious new attraction in North Caicos. The Director of Agriculture was also at the announcement.

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